Blackbird Racing is also specialized in the production of adhesive kits for all the go-kart models on the market.
The great professionalism and experience gained in the long-term collaboration with the major manufacturers,
has led our company to be a leader in the global market.


All the adhesive kits produced by us are made with multicolored silk-screen printing on the back of the material.
This system guarantees an excellent resistance to any type of surface abrasion.
CRYSTALL: We use a crystall produced on our specifications, 0.5 mm thick, made of very flexible and easy to apply polymerizing plasticizers.
ADHESIVE: Even the adhesive placed on the back is our production having been designed specifically for application on polypropylene plastics.
PRINTING: The printing is done in silkscreen printing with inks with very high resistance to atmospheric agents, very bright and well defined in detail.
We can use fluorescent inks, glittered silver and gold, and mirror effects of various kinds CUTTING: All the kits we produce are cut with electronically controlled flat plotters that guarantee not only an excellent precision but also the compensation of possible dilatations of the same material.
PACKAGING: We can pack the kits, on specific request, also individually. We use a heat-shrink plastic system, which in addition to making the product aesthetically pleasing, prevents the individual parts of the kit from moving inside.



All our kits are screen printed, we can also add the following printing technologies:
B-CROME EFFECT: This printing technique consists of the production of mirror and chrome effect colors.
We have many graphic solutions to propose and customize.
GLITTER EFFECT: This printing technique consists of colors with a pearly metallic effect.
Also in this case we can customize the colors always using the same effect.
FLUO EFFECT: This printing technique consists of the use of fluorescent inks.
These guarantee excellent visibility and brilliance of the kit itself.
IRRIDESCENT EFFECT: We can use inks that change the reflection of the color according to the refraction of the light itself.



Within our company, a complete staff of people specialized in the sector, is always available for the creation of any graphic project or for the help to industrialize an already existing one.
We can therefore take care of both the complete project and, in collaboration with the corporate style center, only the technical part concerning adjustments and creation of print overlaps.



We have the outlines of all the major manufacturers of kart plastics, so we can make any type of quote requested free of charge.