BBr o.e.m. wants to offer a complete and qualified service suited to the needs of each client, both in the design phase and in the production phase for the decoration of two- and four-wheeled vehicles through stickers.

Mission Statement

Starting from the industrialization of graphic files up to the packaging and shipping of products, the BBr o.e.m. internally manages all intermediate operations.
This always guarantees us full control of the quality and productivity of each product item.


We like to summarize our objectives with the word RISS
- Research, of the highest quality on our products.
- Industrialization, of production through the continuous research of technologically advanced equipment.
- Development of new materials in collaboration with the customers themselves.
- Customer satisfaction.


Designing and processing files

BBr o.e.m., in collaboration with style centers and / or graphic agencies deals with:
- Study and choice of the most appropriate material based on the type of support on which to apply.
- Draw the punch contours directly on the vehicle, calculating the overall dimensions in relation to the best possible applicability.
- Provide a shaped pre-series to verify applicability.
- Modify and realize the overlaps on the executive files to make them industrializable according to the type of printing and the chosen materials.
- Realize the installations necessary for the final screen printing.

Preparation of prototypes for exhibitions or presentations

BBr oem, deals with printing, cutting and application of any type of prototype to be used for fairs, events, photo shoots or even just for the complete view of the finished product.
These prototypes come from we made using the best digital printing technologies available on the market.

Production of stickers

BBr o.e.m, carries out 100% of the work carried out within its Genoa production facility, using a highly specialized staff with excellent experience in the sector and the best automated screen printing systems.


An additional service that BBr oem makes available to its customers is the design and industrialization of saddle covers.
The research and development department of this sector constantly works with all the racing teams supported by us to improve and innovate the materials necessary for the realization of the finished product.
In collaboration with all the most prestigious companies that deal with the production of complete saddles, BBr oem it can be used for personalization by supplying the printed side parts both in anti-slip material and in polished material. A truly innovative service that exploits the technical knowledge of a graphics company applied to a technical product.


BBr oem can pack, even individually in blister packs, all the stickers.
Blisters can be standard or customized, they can be labeled with any recognition system requested by the customer.
All the stickers from us products pass from the quality control department and are checked individually, discarding all those deemed unsuitable.


Brain and heart of the BBr o.e.m. it is certainly the Structured Research and Development department to respond in real time to all customer requests and needs.
The department maintains close contacts with all our main suppliers of raw materials as well as being equipped with all the equipment that allows the accelerated aging of finished products in order to be able to certify a guarantee.
research and development department is the true soul of the Blackbird Group, the flagship of a company that has made innovation its own trademark.